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Written by Euan Bass featured in Pro Mobile Magazine – July/August 2017

Full Day Wedding DJ Services

A blog about the current trend in the Wedding DJ profession for ‘Full Day Wedding DJ Services.  For years, ever since the invention of the double deck DJ system, your Wedding DJ would arrive at a wedding venue & after the toasts & speeches, set up the equipment & entertain the guests until the very last dance. But in recent years there has been a trend for DJs to offer a whole lot more….

The ‘Full Day Wedding DJ Service’

The Wedding DJs role when working across the full day at a wedding celebration usually looks something like this…
Seat the guests for the ceremony
Play ceremony music
Maybe assist the photographer with crowd control
Organise the receiving line
Seat the guests for the Wedding introductions
Host the Grand Entrance
Introduce toasts & speeches
Introduce the cutting of the Wedding cake

in addition to all of the above we set up our DJ equipment & introduce that all important first dance & deliver an amazing party with the dance floor busy all night.

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